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Codex Alternating Pressure Air Mattress (APAM)

Unlike the standard Constant Low Pressure- CLP mattresses (Foam mattress, gel-filled, water-filled, etc) that remains static, APAMs have internal air cells that inflate and deflate in an alternating fashion. This ensures that no body part of the patient is in constant contact with the mattress continuously.


    • AKTC 5 Inch Accu Savvy Mattress Overlay System
    • AKTC 8 inch Optimal Dual Mattress Replacement System
    • 16/18 inflatable TPU Coated Nylon air cells
    • 3 static air cells to provide “pillow” support for optimal comfort
    • Lightweight Air Pump with attachable hooks.
    • Digital pressure adjustment function
    • Auto detection mode that automatically detects weight and adjusts pressure accordingly
    • 3 mode selection; Alternate, Static and Continuous Low Pressure (CLP)
    • Adjustable cycle time; 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes
    • Heavy duty polyester base sheet
    • Rapid release twist CPR in the event of cardiac arrest
    • Auto firm time: 20 mins

Pedder Johnson Alternating Bubble Mattress with Adjustable pump System

Description Details People who remain in bed for long hours tend to develop bed sores also known as pressure ulcers which are not only painful but can lead to infection and other complications. The main reason for bed sores is the constant contact of the body to the bed in combination with friction, humidity, temperature, continence, medication, shearing forces, age and unrelieved pressure. The most common areas affected are bony or cartilaginous areas, such as the elbows, knees, ankles and the base of the spine and the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity. If they are noticed early, they are treatable. Active airbeds with pumps such as this one help in the prevention of bed sores. The bed is to be used on top of a regular mattress. The air bed contains air cavities which fill up alternately in a 5 - 6 minute cycle. This results in the weight of the body being borne by different parts of the mattress at different times, ensuring that no part of the body is constantly in touch with the mattress. This allows for proper air circulation to all parts of the body and prevents the formation of bed sores. The entire assembly consists of one thin mattress (which can be washed if required), tubes and an air pump that works on electricity.

Pedder Johnson Premium Alternating Pressure Mattress

Description Details The anti-decubitus mattress or the alpha bed is a dynamic bed sore prevention system. It has a tubular mattress with an attached pump that constantly varies the amount of air in alternate tubes so as to ensure that no part of the resting body is constantly under pressure or deprived of blood circulation. This prevents bedsores / pressure ulcers from forming. Vital for the comfort and survival of those that are bed ridden. Can handle patients of up to 135 Kgs.

Rossmax Air Mattress Bubble Type

Rossmax Air Mattress Bubble Type:Salient features of Rossmax Air Mattress Bubble Type:2 to 1 alternating therapy.Adjustable hangers for most bed types.Durable medical grade PVC.Extension flags for stabilization.High-quality pump.Weight indicator pressure adjustment setting.6 minutes cycling time.Near silent low noise.For prevention and treatment of patients at low risk of pressure ulcers.Accessories:Instruction manual Pump High Quality Rubber Tube Fuse Repairing Kit