Disposable Adult Under Pads

Underpad or incontinence pad is a multi-layered sheet with absorbency to protect against urinary incontinence. They may be made of material that is expected to be thrown out after use or made of material which can be washed repeatedly after use.

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ElderLiving.in carries a vast selection of top-rated, high-quality adult underpad & absorbent pad products to help you take on your day and sleep through the night with confidence. You’ll find trusted brands like Friends, Dignity, Seni, and more in a range of absorbencies, from light and thin pads to layered disposable underpads that traps in leaks and neutralizes odours.

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Friends Ultrathin Underpads L

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Friends Premium Underpads L

Friends Premium Underpads prevents any leakages onto the bed. It is a perfect solution for bedridden patients who are suffering from incontinence disease due to weak bladder control.Uses:For protection from urine incontinenceSalient Features:Sizes available: Small (60cm x 40cm), Medium (60cm x 60cm), Large (60cm x 90cm)Soft non-woven surfaceEnsures faster absorbencyUnfold on bed to prevent stained bedAnti-bacterial super absorbency polymer ensures comfortable and dry clean surfaceDirections For Use:Read the user manual/ instruction leaflet carefullySafety Information:Read the label carefully before useKeep out of reach and sight of children

Med-e-Swach Disposable Hygienic Underpads

MedeSwach Underpads are designed for moderate to light absorbency needs and ideal for surface protection situations. Constructed with a soft breathable top sheet, an absorbent non-polymer fluff core and a waterproof polypropylene backing that resists melting. Spun bond nonwoven top sheet allows fluid to pass quickly into the core and features a diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability. Available in several sizes to meet individual needs.

Paramount Arokleen Under Pads

Paramount Arokleen Under Pads is designed for both men and women. Key features of Paramount Arokleen Under Pads:It has an anti-leakage design, the product has extra width and length designed for better absorption. Dry and comfortable, adding to the more high absorption. It has large absorption using the reticular embossed design to introduce the water diversion towards every side keeps the surface comfortable.Using the super-nonwoven as the top layer it feels comfortable permeability damp proof more health of the skin.Good quality product.

Romsons Mattey Underpads

Romsons Mattey Underpad absorbent sheets absorbs wetness quickly and locks it away to keep the user dry and comfortable. This could be disposed quite easily and has been manufactured from superior quality fabric and other material. It comes with self releasing silicon adhesive for stable fixing with the surface and SAP (Super Absorbent Polybeads) absorbs the fluid and converts into gel form.  Salient Features & Specifications of Romsons Mattey Underpad:Heavy duty absorbency underpads to keep the user dry and cleanProvide with self releasing silicon ahesive for stable fixing with the surfaceSAP(Super Absorbent Polybeads) absorbs the fluid and converts into gel formSize : 60 X 90 cmUnisex

Seni Soft He Under Pads

Seni Soft He Under Pads are ideal protection of any surface, can be used on bed, wheelchair, during diaper changing or body washing. It ensures maximum comfort of use and a special protection against skin disorders such as bedsores.UsesGenerally used for personal hygiene and cleaning purposes.Product Specifications and Features:Available in multiple pack sizesGives effective protection against leakagesSoft and comfortable top non-woven layer is very delicate for the skinOuter layer of impermeable anti-slide foil keeps the underpad in placeDirections For UseRead the label for detailed instructions.Safety InformationKeep away from childrenKeep in a cool and dry place away from direct heatAvoid any physical damage