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Medi Duomed Compression Stockings

Supple and elastic compression stockings The supple and elastic stocking offers value for money and is also very durable. The circular knit compression stocking is intended for the treatment of thrombosis with tendency for slight oedema, varicosis in pregnancy and inflammatory venous diseases with tendency for moderate oedema. Also recommended for the treatment after sclerotherapy and/or surgery.

Medi Mediven Active Sporty Compression Socks for Men

The hard wearing compression sock for men mediven active is made using a special knitting technique. Therefore the sock has a seam at the toes that you can‘t feel. In addition, a super soft comfort sole and a strong heel are other convincing features – and every sock fits like a second skin. The fact that mediven active is unrecognisable as a compression sock, thanks to the special fine ribbed design, makes it even more desirable.

Medi Mediven Comfort Reliable Compression Stockings

All you feel is softness. The cuddly side of compression. With mediven comfort you can experience how heavenly soft a compression stocking can be. The comfort class from mediven guarantees optimal wearing comfort and particularly easy donning and doffing – and all this without sacrificing medical efficacy. Innovative materials and the very latest technology ensure a complete feeling of well-being.

Medi Mediven Elegance Elegant Compression Stockings

All you see is beauty. Effective compression has never looked so good. The secret is the elastic knitting yarn. It ensures a lower sense of pressure whilst the stocking hugs your legs like a second skin. This ensures that mediven elegance is very pleasant to wear and that you feel less pressure at the back of the knee. With triple the benefit: You look good, you enjoy outstanding wearing  comfort and you do not compromise the  medical effect. Wear the best mediven elegance of all times and enjoy the feeling of attractiveness and fashionable elegance.

Medi Mediven for Men Elegant Compression Socks for Men

The elegant compression sock for men. The fashionable broad ribbed appearance is available in a variety of colours. The anatomically shaped toe with the practical right/left marks and the extremely soft comfort cuff pamper feet and legs. The socks are particularly easy and comfortable to put on.

Medi Mediven Forte Compression Stockings for Severe Venous Disorders

The strongest mediven round-knitted stocking Maximum compression stability all day long, high working pressure for deep action and extreme durability: that means reliable therapy for serious indications thanks to mediven forte. The seamless two-way stretch stocking is highly elastic and non-slip.

Medi Mediven Plus Reliable Compression Stockings

All you experience is reliability. Compression has never proven so trustworthy. Mediven plus has established itself as a reliable choice for numerous indications over a period of more than 40 years, and it just got better. With its additional plus points and reliability for him and her it will ensure that you continue to enjoy a good quality of life.mediven plus is suitable for a wide range of activities so you can have your unique ‘plus moments’; put your trust in the best mediven plus of all times!

Medi Mediven Sheer & Soft Sheer Stockings

A compression sock can hardly be sheerer than this Experience compression treatment and unparalleled comfort in wear. With mediven sheer & soft, only you will know that you’re wearing a compression stocking. But you’ll certainly feel the difference!

Medi Mediven Venous Ulcer Kit Double Layer Compression Stocking with 40 mmHg for the treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers

Innovative two component stocking system for the acutephase of the therapy of venous leg ulcer. Treatment for venous leg ulcers demands a cleverly thought out treatment concept. Your venous leg ulcer can be treated with the mediven ulcer kit. The ulcer kit consists of two stockings that are worn over each other: mediven ulcer and mediven ulcer plus. The incorporation of elemental silver promotes wound healing and has an antibacterial effect.