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Karma KS-343 Compact Economy Scooter

ECONOMICALLY PRICED, VERSATILE AND COMPACT The ergonomically designed footrest provides more legroom for taller individuals. The front and rear frames are easy to disassemble for storage and transportation in a vehicle. The rear hydraulic suspension system provides impressive stability and a smooth ride. The KS-343 is an excellent choice for driving in the city, around the neighborhood, or in a shopping mall.

Karma KS-747.2 Long Distance Capable Scooter

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR USERS WHO NEED TO TRAVEL LONGER DISTANCES OR TRAVEL ON SOME GRADED SURFACES. Exclusively equipped with a 4-pole motor, the KS-747.2 features stable output and strong torque, which helps reduce motor wear and tear. By adding a hydraulic front-wheel suspension system with widened rear wheelbase, the overall stability is greatly enhanced. In addition to meeting basic requirements for driving on flat surface, this model also suits the needs of users who desire to travel over distances with varying gradients on the road.