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Karma Blazer Sling Motorized Rear Wheel Drive Wheelchair

The Blazer is an indoor/ outdoor use, rear wheel drive power base. The exceptionally narrow wheelbase allows agile manoeuvrability. The Blazer Sling seat (KP-31/ KP-31T) offers great adjustability and the power positioning modules, which makes the chair ideal for the rental program and individual use.

Karma Ergo Nimble Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

Suitable for SHORT DISTANCE JOURNEYS and for BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE. The Ergo Nimble (KP-10.3S) is an affordably priced, rear wheel drive, power wheelchair. It features the patented S-Ergo Seating System to promote a comfortable and good seating posture. The compact design makes it ideal for confined spaces and short distance travel.

Karma Morgan KISS Power Tilt/Recline/Lift Power Wheelchair

The Morgan KISS (MGN-KIS-T/MGN-KIS-TR/MGN-KIS-TRL/MGN-KIS-TRLLR) is a high-performance mid-wheel drive power base that provides excellent ride comfort. Its compact frame design makes the chair a good choice for everyday use. Morgan KISS is a highly configurable sitting system that offers various power positioning functions such as power tilt and power recline. It is an ideal chair for individuals looking for a custom-made seat or has progressive diseases.

Karma Morgan W/KISS (Lift and Tilt) Fully Functional Reclining Power Wheelchair

This wheelchair has a small turning radius with the help of which the user can move freely around the house. In addition, it includes six wheel independent suspension system and powerful motors that offer efficient handling over rough terrain. The Morgan is a modern wheelchair with sleek design for those who want an all-around companion. KEY BENEFITS OF THE MORGAN KISS POWER WHEELCHAIR
  • Excellent Indoor Maneuverability and a Smooth, Stable & Safe Drive
  • Sling Seat with Multi-functional Armrest allows for easy lateral transfer and movement
  • Superior Intuitive Driving for people who have difficulty driving powered wheelchairs or operating a joystick
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Karma Saber KP-45.5 Outdoor Performance Wheelchair

The Saber is known for its robustness and endurance. The latest Saber (KP-45.5) maintains its outstanding performance and is upgraded with ISR suspension. It is the best companion for an explorer.

Karma SP-100 Foldable Power Wheelchair

The SP-100 is a foldable power wheelchair designed for those who look for a simple, lightweight, yet cost-effective solution. Within few seconds, you can remove the batteries, put the chair into your trunk, and head out for a great day. The SP-100 is designed to be light and easy-to-travel without compromising its durability.