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Pedder Johnson COMODITA Verona Cushion

Description Details This cushion provides comfort for those sitting for long periods on their office chairs, wheelchairs, car seats or even during their flight. Contoured specifically for maximum comfort Coccyx or tailbone relief through special contour High resilience foam provides comfort and support Water-proof removable cushion cover Non-skid bottom fabric Cloth and plastic cover for easy transportation. Dimensions: Width: 18", Depth: 14.5", Height: 2.75" Can be used with regular chairs, wheelchairs, car seats and airline seats.


Description Details Easy Step by Pedder Johnson. These steps help ease climbing onto an elevated location. It provides an intermediate heightened platform that eases the requirement for joint bending. It’s convenient and portable. It can be easily washed, cleaned and kept hygienic.

Pedder Johnson GEL COCCYX SEAT SUPPORT (17″x16″)

Description Details "Features: Orthopedic Gel Coccyx Seat cushion Sloping wedge shape Coccyx cut-out for tailbone/balls gel sheet Pressure relieving corrugated / balls gel sheet Removable zippered black fabric cover Carry handle for easy transportation Benefits/Indication The unique polymer gel molecular structure allows it to behave differently under pressure than foam, springs, or fibrous material. In foam, the tiny cells compress under pressure. Compressed cells eventually go flat and the foam cushion becomes useless. The progel polymer material and cushion design causes sitting pressure to flow away from areas of greatest pressure, reducing pain and discomfort. The result is greater seating comfort for longer periods of time. The top layer of Medigel with corrugated profile greatly reduces shear forces while the bottom layer of PU foam evenly distributes remaining pressure. A tapered front relieves thigh pressure and promotes proper leg position. Easy to use – no inflating or adjusting required for optimal use. The bottom-line: A Soft, Comfortable and Healthy Cushion for your bottom! Instructions for use When dirty/sticky, wash gel cushion and cover separately. Sponge the gel with talcum powder, remove extra powder by washing the product with a mild shampoo and fresh water. Avoid water below the Corrugated Gel Sheet (because PU foam takes longer time than gel to dry). Shade dry. Keep away from direct heat. "

PEDDER JOHNSON Gel Wheelchair Seat

Description Details Decrease the incidence of pressure sores when people are sitting for extended periods of time. Gel can slide and move laterally, so it is effective in reducing shear forces. Gel reduce pressure around bony prominence.


Description Details Lateral Body Support by Pedder Johnson. Ergonomically improves arm positioning, keeps the arm in place, prevents hands dangling near the wheel and promotes proper seating alignment. Cushioned surface protects fragile skin, helps prevent pressure on the ribs. Easily fits onto wheelchair armrests.


Description Details Hemorrhoid and Coccyx Cushion by Pedder Johnson. Relieves pain and pressure with the seat cushion ring. Helpful with the following medical conditions: hemorrhoids, piles, other anal disorders, coccyx pain, prolapse.


Description Details The Swivel Seat by Pedder Johnson helps prevent back and hip strain during transfers with this comfortable cushion that rotates 360°. The Pedder Johnson Swivel Seat is light weight, portable with foam cushioning.