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Med-e-Move Elbow Crutches

Elbow crutches are usually aluminum, with a cuff at the top to go around the forearm and usually prescribed for people with shorter-term needs. Elbow crutches are used by slipping your arm into the cuff and holding the hand grip. The cuff is usually made of plastic and can be closed or a half-circle with an opening in the front, allowing the forearm to slip out in case of a fall. Many have a paint finish. Elbow crutch is easy to adjust and will provide comfortable support. Independent handle height and cuff height adjustments.

Med-e-Move Quad Stick

Invalid Quad Stick Height Adjustable, Steel chrome plated tripod base, Anti- slipping bushes.

Med-e-Move Single Walking Stick

The Medemove walking sticks provide complete support to the patients. Fabricated using quality raw material such as MS steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, and aluminum, these sturdy are available in different modes.This lightweight, robust and hard wearing Adjustable Walking Stick is made from lightweight anodized aluminum giving the user a strong, lightweight stick that is ideal for everyday use.

Med-e-Move Tripod Stick

Invalid Tripod Stick Height Adjustable, Steel chrome plated tripod base, Anti-slipping bushes.

Med-e-Move Under Arm Crutches

Invalid Aluminum Underarm Crutches Aluminum frame anodized silver, Height Adjustable, Anti-slipping bushes