PPE Protective Face Shields

Professional Face Shield helps protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards, offers full face protection and a customized fit.
  • Protection for Office and Factory Workers
  • Protection for Medical & Healthcare Professionals
  • Ready Stocks Available (Limited)
No Cost EMI Options Available


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Why don't we publish prices?

Would you go and purchase prescription medicine without first consulting with a doctor?

Similarly, we prefer to speak with our customers and offer them expert advice on the best products/services that will meet their specific needs. Since no two people are the same, we think that publishing pricing and allowing direct purchase online is a great disservice to our customers and may cause them to make a bad purchase decision.

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Buy Dyna Face Shield for Coronavirus COVID19 Protection in Pune & Mumbai, India

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Dyna Full Face Shield (PPE)

Available in several styles to fit the preferences of every individual. We offer full and short face shields, face shields with masks, with expanders, even face shields that can be used with reusable frames. Our various face shields offer different types of protection and the same anti-fog, anti-glare performance you’ve come to expect