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Pedder Johnson BALANCE BOARD

Description Details Balance Board from Pedder Johnson. It is used in balance training, brain development and to improve coordination and stability. Excellent for single or dual leg standing exercises.

Pedder Johnson WEIGHT CUFFS

Description Details These ankle & wrist weights cuffs by Pedder Johnson are ideal for anyone needing small weight for therapy exercise. Velcro flaps keep the weight belt securely in place. Weight cuffs help build up muscles. Great for controlling ‘M.S or Parkinson’s’ tremors during feeding or writing. Specifications Color Black

Resistant Band Multi by TCI Star

StrengthensArmsChestShouldersBacklegsBunsTone upper bodyLower body Description:Resistance-band training can help you boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion and more.Benefits:Easy to Use Alone, Ideal for exercising any time, at home.Save on Storage SpaceTakes up virtually no space to store.Whole Body ExercisesFor virtually every major muscle group in your body. Adaptable for Multiple Fitness LevelsWhether you're a beginner or an expert.Features:VERSATILE USES-Chest expander strengthen and tone your muscle. A versatile physical exercise tool, the resistance cords are best for upper and lower body exercises part of yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, and physical therapy. This chest expander allows free range of motion and enable you to isolate muscle groups. You can work out at home, gym or office, and exercise your arms, hips, shoulders, and legs. They are also very suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy and after childbirth.QUALITY PROMISE-Resistance bands are made of 100% natural latex. This makes them perfect whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned workout pro. The high quality, durable, natural latex allow smooth and consistent stretch while promoting muscle growth. Extra comfort and safe-grip are provided by soft rubber handles. You can store the cords in the accompanying drawstring pouch.COMFORTS-Soft rubber handles for extra comfort fitted with safe-grip. Soft foam handles provide a comfortable grip. They are durable and tough. There is no fear of tearing or snapping. Made of super absorbent, breathable cotton and a blend of latex and nylon for enhanced elasticity, the comfortable sweatband is soft and lightweight, efficiently wicking moisture away from your forehead. It can be comfortably used by both men as well as women.BENEFITS-Improve your coordination, flexibility and endurance by defining muscles without adding bulk. Providing the resistance to fit your fitness level, the exercise cords are suitable for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. The lightweight headband prevents sweat from running down your face in the middle of your training sessions.PHYSICAL THERAPY-Our heavy duty tubes work especially well for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. They are also perfect for use by women during pregnancy and after birth to keep their bodies in shape.

Star Digital Skipping Rope by TCI Star

Ideal For Excercise & FitnessIndoor & Outdoor FitnessQuality Materials UsedMore Durability Features:Wireless Jump RopeFashionable design with big LCD displaySimple operationCounting mode : shows how many times you jumped (up to 9999)Calorie Mode: shows calories burned count (up to 999Kcal)Timer Mode : shows timer (up to 59min. 59sec.)Clock Mode : Displays timeWorkout calorie consumptionStop WatchLow Battery Consumption Specification:Dimension: Handle:175*Dia26mm, Rope:300cmWeight: 157gPower: 1*CR2032RoHS ComplaintColor: Green, Sky Blue, PinkMaterial:Handle: ABS+Rubber, Rope: PVC Benefits:Gives you all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jumping rope but without the hindrance of the rope. Rope will not tie a knot and it is convenient to carry anywhere.No skills or coordination is needed to operate this digital skipping rope, simply set the timer and start swinging.Can be easily slipped into your bag or car, so you can take your exercise schedule on the road. Help you track calories burned, number of jumps, so you can keep on top of your exercise regime. Assist you to burn fat, losses weight, beauty body and keep healthy.Great for professionals or homebodies alike, suit for those who are looking for the most effective exercise method but do not want to swing a rope around their property and smash something.HOW IT WORKSButton Names:        Mode Button – Count Mode-> Kcal ( Calorie ) mode-> K ( or Mile) -> Time Mode->Stop watch mode        Set Button : - Press set button can set stride, time and can start stop watch while in different mode.        Up button :- In time mode press Up button to select 12 hour or 24 hour system. While adjusting holding down up button will give fast advance.Button Operations:        Time mode: - Press the MODE button to enter into the time mode. In the time mode press SET to set the time, the hour in screen will flash, press Up will give fast advance; Press SET button again, the minute screen will flash, press Up button will give fast advance; Press SET button for the third time to confirm the time settled and return to normal.        Stopwatch mode: - Press Mode button to enter into the stop watch mode. Press SET button to start / stop the stopwatch. When the stopwatch stops, press Up button to clear the stopwatch number memory.        Count Mode: Press Mode button to enter into the count mode. Holding down Up button for 2 seconds to clear the hops, calories and distance number memory to 0. Otherwise, the counter will count the hops accumulatively to a maximum of 9999 hops and return to 0.        Calorie Mode: Press Mode button to enter into the calorie mode. Press Up button for 2 seconds to clear he hops, calorie and distance and return to 0.                         Calorie adjustable range :- 0 to 6999.99 Kcal.        Distance Mode: Press Mode button to enter into the distance mode. Press Up button for 2 seconds to clear the hops, calorie, distance and return to 0. Press Up button for 5 seconds to swap between KM.MILE. Press SET button to set distance, every time you press up button, distance adjustable range – 0 to 699.999 KM/Mile. Press Set button again to confirm the distance and return to the calorie mode.SUITABLE FOR ANYONE- Jump rope Suitable for all ages and all level jumpers. It is never too short or too long for anyone, height limitless. COMFORTABLE PADDED GRIPS- The grips are soft and quite comfortable even for long-time holding. Balls on the end of the short line help you know if you're synchronizing the hand movements properly.