Oxygen Ventilator Respiratory Solutions

A ventilator machine is a medical device that supports breathing. Oxygen ventilators assist in getting oxygen into the lungs.

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Best Home Oxygen Ventilators & Supplies in Pune & Mumbai, India

Ventilators provide breathing support when an individual’s respiratory system functions poorly, and can even maintain respiration if a person stops breathing. However, many who use these devices just need help with their breathing, and a ventilator makes it easier to breathe while ensuring enough oxygen gets to the lungs.

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Drive Devilbiss Cube 30 ATV Non-invasive Ventilator

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BPL Leoni Plus HFO Ventilator

Leoni Plus, a Intensive Care ventilator with dedicated applications for premature infants and children weighing up to 30kgs. The device is suitable for long-term ventilation by displaying the vital information in the form of parameter ratings and waveforms on 12” screen and is extremely easy and intuitive featuring innovative ventilation technology. The extremely powerful HFO based on unconventional form of Mechanical Ventilation integrated with membrane principle, time-controlled boosting of the average pressure, adjustable I: E Ratio, Frequency and Mean Pressure

Drive Devilbiss Cube 30 ATV Non-invasive Ventilator

The Cube 30 ATV from Drive DeVilbiss International is an innovative, non-invasive volume-supporting ventilator. The Cube 30 ATV incorporates intuitive state-of-the-art functionality, allowing safe and easy application of the device in a homecare or clinical environment. With its unique trigger technology and target minute-volume algorithm, this ventilator optimizes therapy to meet individual patient requirements.

Philips Respironics NM3 Respiratory profile monitor

The Respironics NM3 monitors physiologic gas exchange, deadspace, and alveolar tidal volume, and a host of accessory parameters. This valuable insight helps you answer the toughest clinical questions, throughout the continuum of care.

Philips Respironics Respi-Link Remote diagnostic system

The Respi-Link* remote diagnostic system is a device relationship management system that enables authorized Philips support specialists to securely access certain devices via the Internet. It helps reduce downtime & on-site repair visits.

Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 Ventilator

The Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 is both a volume-control & pressure-control ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation. Versatile breath delivery and setup options provide greater continuity of care.

Philips Respironics Triology 100 Ventilator

Light, versatile, and easy to use, Trilogy100 offers clinicians and patient one of life's greatest qualities - simplicity. The Trilogy100 portable volume and pressure support ventilator is ideal for use at home or in alternative care sites.

Philips Respironics V200 Ventilator

The Respironics V200 critical care ventilator provides state-of-the-art ventilation modes with synchrony options that reduce the work of breathing and streamline patient care.

Philips Respironics V60 Non-invasive ventilator

The Philips Respironics V60 uses auto-adaptive technology to provide patient synchrony and therapy acceptance. Improved signal processing technology is finely tuned for both adult and pediatric patients.

Philips Respironics V60 Plus Noninvasive ventilator

Philips V60 Plus* ventilator leverages our gold standard noninvasive (NIV) capabilities by offering two therapy options in one device, integrating both NIV and high flow therapy (HFT). V60 Plus enhances workflow and patient care efficiency by enabling clinicians to easily, readily and rapidly adjust therapies around changing patient conditions without switching devices.

Philips Respironics V680 Critical Care Ventilator

Discover Philips Respironics V680: the simple, clinically advanced way to provide your patients with reliable, high-performance ventilation across the continuum of care - without compromise.

Resmed Stellar 150 Non Invasive Ventilator V1.5 Asia PAC

Spontaneous breathing or ventilation is insufficient to maintain life in patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as apnea, asthma and respiratory acidosis. A ventilator is a device used to assist such patients to breathe. Non-invasive ventilators such as the ResMed Stellar 150 use airway support administered through a face mask instead of an endotracheal tube.

Respironics BiPAP Focus Non-invasive ventilatior

The BiPAP Focus enhances staff efficiency and patient care while delivering reliable non-invasive ventilation (NIV). It adapts automatically to changing patient needs.